River and I in Mauritius Island this past november River and I in Mauritius Island this past november River and I in Mauritius Island this past november River and I in Mauritius Island this past november River and I in Mauritius Island this past november River and I in Mauritius Island this past november

River and I in Mauritius Island this past november

In a River

I have been distracted, lost in my anxiety and eagerness for nahualts birth. Been focusing too much on my aching body and broken belly skin.

Focusing on my breath has been slowly reminding me of the importance of the now. Although visualizing nahualts natural birth helps me manifest guidance and trust, I feel I’ve gone too far. Instead i learn to embrace the aches and the slowness. Only once will I carry Nahualt in my womb. Only today will I feel her move the way she moves. I sit and I breath, I hear the neighbors geese sing randomly and I realize the beauty of nesting in my home. Only today will things be how they are. I embrace.

River has seen my anxiousness, even the way I eat has sped up. He’s trying to remind me of the things I seemed to have forgotten. River looked into homoeopathy to help me relieve my aches and slow down my anxiety and brought home some mountain arnica. He has been brewing raspberry leaf tea to relieve irregular contractions that seem to go nowhere…

The things we woke up to after camping, Grand Anse, 2013

River and I, 2013

River and I, 2013

The Road Home

For the past six months, we have shared a home up in the mountains of the island. Only eleven kilometers from Mafate. Our home has been a place of seclusion and serenity while I blossom with child. Each time we leave our home to visit friends, the market, or get some sun rays, I am amazed at the road we take to go back up. Finally, with camera in hand and the perfect lighting from the sun, I was able to capture the special people and nature we see on the road home… we do not really live in Tan Rouge or Ravine Daniel, it is more like somewhere in between.

Origins of Nahualt

Nahualt’s creation is transforming my essence. I am the Mother of Nahualt. I am a child of Earth. Both children of the Universe. I am a mother and a child.

Since the commencement of my daughter’s creation, I felt Her name would be Nahualt, derived from the following…

Náhuatl Name of Aztec language derived from the root word ‘Nahua’. A dance made ​​with hands entwined, a concordance, moving in cadence. Turquoise smoke, harmonious speech, sound which is pleasing to the ear or divine sound.

Nahual Consciousness and freedom. The Nahual is a guardian spirit in the form of an animal or bird that watches over the destiny of every human being. People can call their own Nahual in a dream or a Nahual could appear by itself in order to help people in certain situations. In reality the concept of Nahual does not have a specific meaning; it rather describes a particular mental, physical and emotional state of the power of existence and also a region of the Universe. Everything that exists is Nahual and Nahual is in everything – in the flowers, in the stars, in the water and in the Self, in us.

Nahual also describes a particular energetic state of consciousness which contains deep human will. In this energetic state we find what we call our personal power.

Nahual is an altered state of consciousness. Nahual is beyond formal logic and human behavioral patterns. It does not have a form and at the same time can take any shape. It is pure essence, it is wisdom, but above all it is freedom.

Wise men and women of ancient Mexico developed the Path of the Nahual as a way of life. This is the path of personal honesty on which we learn to become one with our inner and outer universe.

Nahual means to be with yourself, within yourself and in the center of yourself – the center, which connects with the cosmos.

River and I